Is your home hard to heat?

Homes that are hard to heat waste energy. Wasting energy means paying higher fuel bills.

All homes have an energy efficiency rating from A to G. The most energy efficient homes have an A or B rating. The least energy efficient homes have an E, F or G rating.

To qualify for free home energy efficiency improvements through the Nest scheme your home must have an E, F or G energy rating.

How do I know if my house is E, F or G rated?

If you call 0808 808 2244 a Nest adviser will run through a series of questions to help understand how energy efficient your home is and which band it falls into. You can download a list of the questions you’ll be asked here.

As a guide, a property in the E, F or G band would typically have all or most of the following characteristics:

  • No central heating or a central heating system with a very inefficient boiler*
  • An un-insulated hot water cylinder
  • Solid walls, un-insulated cavity walls or walls of a non-traditional construction type
  • Less than 100mm of loft insulation
  • Single glazed windows
  • No low energy light bulbs or draughtproofing

Homes where the main heating system uses a fuel other than mains gas, and detached, semi-detached or end-terrace properties are also likely to be E, F or G rated.

*Usually, this would mean a 15+ year old boiler, but some newer boilers may also be inefficient.